A Truca Circus show in co-production with Hermanos Infoncundibles and LaNördika

Time has passed, but they are together again, celebrating. Leaving fears and limitations behind, each unfolding their charms, which are many, authentic feats. Five dancing diabolos, a forest of ropes, a duel of bikes, a helicopter with feet and hands, some balls with a lot of rhythm. There are those who fly high and there are those who lie down to dodge some ruthless juggling. A good party with music and an illustrious and mysterious honoree. A reunion with disturbing, funny, boring and disconcerting moments.

Sopla! (Blow!) It’s a state, it’s an atmosphere, it’s a pink liquid, it’s confetti.



Teatro Circo Murcia
Circaire Festival (Alcúdia, Majorca)
CircArt Festival (Pollença, Majorca)
Kaldearte Festival (Vitoria, Álava)
Kalealdia Festival (Bilbao, Biscay)
NosoloCirco Festival (Navalmoral de la Mata, Cáceres)
Cabeza de Buey Festival (Ox Head, Badajoz)

Creation support:

Cirkorama Festival (Malaga)
City Hall of Mairena del Alcor (Seville)
Town Hall of La Rinconada (Seville)

After our experience as co-producers of “Ludo Circus Show” and the creation of “Neón” (show currently on tour), Sopla! It is our third project, for which we have teamed up with two leading Andalusian circus companies such as LaNördika and Hermanos Inconfundibles.

Sopla! It is a large-format contemporary circus show aimed at all audiences, with an outstanding variety of circus techniques, live music, a festive atmosphere, dance, songs and a lot of humor.

Direction: Greta García and Daniel Foncubierta
Executive producer: Gonzalo Andino
Cast: Daniel Foncubierta (Infoncundibles / La Banda de Otro), José Alberto Foncubierta (Infoncundibles / La Banda de Otro), Rafael Díaz (La Banda de Otro), Darío Dumont (LaNördika), Rebeca Pérez (Rebe al Rebés), Antonia González (Cía La Querida), Marina Benites (Cía La Artrópodo / Chimichurri)
Staging: Anna Jonsson
Original music: Jasio Velasco and Daniel Foncubierta
Lighting design / Technical direction: Manuel Colchero and Ignacio Almarcha
Technician on tour: Manuel Colchero
Costumes: Gloria Trenado (Nantú)
Production: Paula Gutiérrez and Marta González (Noletia / Truca Circus)
Constructions: Anna Jonsson, Javier Dastis,, Ellaved Alcano, Antonia González, Rebeca Pérez, Logotec, Javier Andino
Distribution: Elena Carrascal Impulso*Distribucion / Nacho Vilar
Communication: Marina Bravo
Audiovisuals: Agustín Hurtado (La Buena Estrella)
Photography: Luis Montero
Graphic design: Alfonso Barragan

NOTE: Due to COVID, this dossier is provisional, since we had to do a session without our antipodista Antonia González, who does not appear in any photograph or video.