On any given night, any given bedroom becomes a dimensional portal from which two siblings, a boy and a girl, will begin a cosmic journey. Meanwhile, his endearing grandfather doesn’t know whether to cancel the adventure or join the fantasy.

Interstellar travellers who jump between satellites, planets, comets and stars. Small luminous asteroids that land on our shoulder. Hula-hoops that connect with different universes. A cyr wheel that propels us into outer space at full speed.

When the game ends, we are still at the beginning of the night, but we are certain that, in its darkness, it contains the most wonderful possibilities.

  • Theater show/indoor recommended for children older than 4 years old
  • Circus techniques: cyr wheel, hula hoops, manipulation of objects, acrobatics, clown
  • The show contains flash effects [not strobe lights]
  • Duration: 55 minutes

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Direction, dramaturgy and lighting: Carlos Álvarez-Ossorio
Original idea: Gonzalo Andino Lucas
Executive production: Gonzalo Andino and Gloria Díaz (Noletia)
Circus interpretation and creation: Álvaro Pérez and Clara Reina
Musical Interpretation and composition: Jasio Velasco
Set design: Alfonso Menor
Technicians on tour: Manuel Colchero, Ignacio Almarcha
Costume design: Ellavled Alcano
Production: Marta González (Noletia)
Communication: Gloria Diaz (Noletia)
Video and photography: Agustín Hurtado / La Buena Estrella
Distribution: Elena Carrascal I*R

Our thanks to the City Council of Mairena del Alcor, the Cultural Center of the Villa de La Rinconada and the Sala La Fundición de Sevilla.


“Neon” is a circus show for children specifically designed for theaters or indoor spaces, with original music, partially performed live, and a focus point on lighting as means of research, staging and development in dramaturgy and circus.

With the goal of overcoming the fear of the dark as a starting point, «Neon» starts from an everyday situation: a grandfather, dressed up as a stuffed rabbit by his grandchildren, faces that moment in which he has to send the children to bed, on a night when he acts as an occasional caretaker. In this context, his intrepid granddaughter will show more interest in prolonging the game than in drifting off to sleep.

To overcome the obstacle of darkness, we will immerse ourselves in a universe of fantasies and luminescence, in which a second grandson appears who, hearing the commotion, will join the game disguised as a kind of cosmic traveler. The grandfather, a little disconcerted, doesn’t know whether to join the game or try to stop everything, while the night progresses into an incredible adventure. The circular forms, as an allegory of outer space, will take center stage and some of them, between acrobatics, will become a circus: hula-hoops, juggling balls and an incredible luminous cyr wheel act.

The game ends and the bedroom returns to calm. The three of them will have discovered an unknown side of the night and will have transformed the restlessness caused by the darkness into a source of discoveries and fun.


«Neon» is a theatre/indoor show created specifically for children, something that is not usual in the circus field, where it is usually created with the general public in mind and doesn’t focus their creation processes from and for the childhood. Based on this premise, in «Neon» a research work has been carried out based on the union of three fundamental elements: the circus, live music and light.

When talking about the dramaturgy, it has been considered as a collective creative process, to coherently combine the different artistic languages ​​that coexist in the show. In this way, although there is a narrative approach (a small story that serves as a base on which to work and structure said work), it is put at the service of a sensory and poetic show, where boys and girls can reconstruct that original story, or any other that the imagination allows them to create from the sensations and emotions that the show generates in them.

All this dramaturgical base has its weight, mainly, in the light. The light goes from being used as a reinforcement of the meaning (what is usual on stage) to signify by itself. In «Neon» we break with the binomial light=good, darkness=bad and work on the attractiveness and the possibilities that the absence of light contains. Atmospheres and well-defined lighting environments are generated that accompany the emotional states of the characters and, above all, of the viewer. To this essential importance of light, the game with circular elements is added: both in the scenography, or even in the musical composition, the circle is the protagonist.

Finally, another strong point on which «Neon» is based is the sound. The show features live music, composed and performed by Jasio Velasco, who also becomes one more character on stage, along with Clara Reina and Álvaro Pérez. Jasio adopts the role of a clown, who brings dynamism and rhythm to the scene through music, even intervening in the circus routines themselves.


“I had never directed a circus or any children’s show. So, when Gonzalo Andino (Noletia) proposed this project to me, I had to think a lot about how to deal with it and what I could contribute to this creative process. Luckily, there was a fundamental factor: the idea was to put on a show about light. And there I do have some experience, both on a professional level (also designing lights for children’s shows) and on a personal level.

I have always been fascinated by the relationship of children with light and darkness. From classic tales, to reference movies about childhood. Darkness and light have always been a recurring element in these stories. But it is also true that they have been associated with “the good” and “the bad”. For me, this binomial changed when I became a father. Through my daughter’s eyes, I discovered that “good” and “bad” are concepts that we impress in our children. For them there is nothing wrong with darkness and its mysteries generate curiosity. I discovered the pedagogy of light and a series of contemporary stories that open new doors to the curiosity of children. Instead of limiting the world to us, they open it up for us.

It is from that curiosity that we approach the creative process. We approach light, music and the circus with that childlike innocence, allowing ourselves to be surprised by everything, trying to maintain an untainted, unconditioned gaze, without prejudices, without preconceived ideas. As if it was the first time we discovered everything. Looking for that sensation, that emotion that we want to provoke in the viewers of “Neón”: curiosity and the discovery of everything that is hidden in the dark. As if the darkness were a blank canvas for the imagination. There is no fear, there is no trauma. There is mystery. And desire to delve into that mystery.”

Carlos Alvarez-Ossorio | Direction and Dramaturgy


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