About Truca Circus

Truca Circus is the new name that since 2019 has included the various stage production projects of the cultural management company Noletia. With almost 20 years of professional experience, Noletia has been centralizing her work in the field of contemporary circus signing the production of various festivals, with CIRCADA (Seville) at the main event, and promoting medium and small format productions, including numerous galas and cabarets . Thus, following the overwhelming success of “LUDO CIRCUS SHOW” (a co-production promoted by Noletia in 2016, which, among many other awards, treasures the FETEN Award for Best Show in its 2018 edition and which in 2019 exceeded 100 performances) the Noletia team decides to centralize his creations under his own distinctive seal.

“Neon” was the first official production of Truca Circus, in which the company’s philosophy was already clearly reflected: to develop innovative scenic works, which seek to investigate languages, creation systems, themes or techniques little seen or known until then. . Innovation is not an end for Noletia, it is the way to open new doors and explore new terrains, which allows it to continue growing and contributing to the contemporary circus sector in Spain.

Sopla! (Blow!) has a starting point very similar to what led us to set up Ludo: to put in touch a series of outstanding Andalusian circus companies and artists who have sporadically participated in common projects (galas, shows, charity projects, line-ups…), who have Noletia or Circada as a crossroads, but who never had the opportunity to share a investigation and creation process and, ultimately, to work on the same show as a cast or as a creative team. Sopla! is a show by Truca Circus in co-production with two prominent names on the Andalusian scene, LaNördika and Hmnos. Infoncundibles, which also has the Teatro Circo Murcia and the Circaire and CircArt festivals as co-producers.